Astronomy Jobs on the Rebound

5 Oct 2022
The AAS Committee on Employment has compiled data from the AAS Job Register detailing the number and types of positions available each year. Here are some of the findings.

ALMA Data Processing Workshops

27 Sep 2022
A series of workshops are organized from 5 October to 28 October on the processing and analysis of ALMA data. Early registration is encouraged.

Two AAS Members Named AGU Fellows

26 Sep 2022
Among those elected to the 2022 class of American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fellows are two AAS members: William Bottke (Southwest Research Institute) and Sarah Gibson (National Center for Atmospheric Research).

Project RADIAL

21 Sep 2022
In this Education Committee blog post, Jennifer Bates gives an overview of Project Radio Astronomy Data Imaging and Analysis Lab (RADIAL), a collaborative approach to broaden participation in STEM for underrepresented...

Renew Your AAS Membership Today: Dues Remain the Same

19 Sep 2022
2022 has been a banner year for the astronomical sciences, with its astonishing discoveries, stunning images, and compelling science to share with the public. There's even more to celebrate in 2023: membership dues are...

Upcoming AAS Regional Meeting in Arkansas

19 Sep 2022
The 2022 Mid-American Regional Astrophysics Conference, an AAS-endorsed regional meeting, will take place 7–8 October at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.